Pool Representative Resource

Hello Reps,

This page is your source location for contact data within the league and documents prepared for league use. The Meet Required Dives and Groups Table is available here. Please note that there is no meet required dive for Championships however all required groups must be represented.

General guidelines for dual meets are also available in this new publication. It is a subsection of the CMDL Handbook that starts on page 19.

2018 Dual Meet Procedures Guide

You can get your 2018 CMDL Handbook & 2018 Judges Handbook here.

You can also download a printable version of the 2018 Dive Sheet here.

Here is the Dive Meet Spreadsheet Calculator. If you have extra help and a laptop, you can use this for the meet as a backup check for the regular dive list sheets. Dive Meet Calculation Spreadsheet.

We have added a new document to assist the meet table (Thanks to our friends at FAD). Click Here for meet sheet, meet reporting, and ribbon writer guidelines.

Finally, here is a guideline sheet for printing meet labels. This can be done during the meet or prior to the meet and filled in by hand. Meet Ribbon Labels Guide

CMDL Pool Reps, send your completed paper Meet Sheets (Scans are okay) to Stacey:

Stacey Curtis

16365 Falls Rd
Monkton, MD  21111

Phone Cell : 443-506-7198  Home 410-771-8250
e-mail:  slcurtis00@gmail.com

8 Responses to “Pool Representative Resource”

  1. Julie Christ Oakes Says:

    Hello! Just a note about our (Five Oaks) assistant coach. The handbook says it is still Katy Alexander, but it is actually Ali Profeta, a Towson diver. Her contact information is alison.profeta@gmail.com. Thank you!

  2. Carrie Chargualaf Says:

    Hello Everyone this is your Treasurer Speaking just a reminder ribbon pick up is tommorow June 2nd at the meeting. I also need your checks for your dues. I only received 3 so far. See you Then Looking forward to an awesome Dive Season Best of Luck to all the teams.

    Carrie Chargualaf
    Waugh Chapel Swim Club
    CMDL Treasurer

  3. Central Maryland Dive League Says:

    Pool rep info can be found in the Handbook.

  4. John Wolsh Says:

    is it possible to include on this page contact information for all CMDL reps and coaches (at least emails)?

  5. Central Maryland Dive League Says:

    Reps, please pass this on to your parents.

    Kathy P. from Five Oaks has received a good response from her parents. They will be able to run Dunleavy, again, this year. Thanks to those of you who stepped up to volunteer. If you would like to help in any way that day, please contact Kathy at poehlerkj@verizon.net. There will be a need for table workers and judges.

  6. westhowardswimclub Says:

    To All Reps.,
    It is imperative that we receive all league dues ASAP to cover costs for the season. Please either mail to my address or they MUST be presented at meeting/clinic on June 12th. If fees are not received, pools will not receive ribbons/meet sheets at the meeting and will have to make other arrangements to get them from me.
    As you may or may not know, our budget is very tight and all monies go out almost as fast as they come in!

    thanks for your understanding,

  7. Central Maryland Dive League Says:

    It is time to start the dive season and our first order of business is league dues. Please forward ASAP to my home address so we can make our payments to appropriate pools and suppliers on time! As voted by the CMDL Board, League dues this year are $175.00 per team. All meet sheets and ribbons will be handed out at the Padonia Clinic June 12th. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please try to send a representative to receive your items so we know they will get back to you.
    We also need to find out how many meet sheets you’ll require this year. Laurie did not have an end of season count from you and I’m in process of dividing up meet sheets and ribbons for Padonia on June 12th. Please respond ASAP with what you have in stock so I can add to your supply.
    And finally, once your team has a finalized roster, we will need your ribbon fees. This can be mailed to my home address or brought to Padonia on June 12th. The fee is still $2.00 per diver on your team.

    Thanks so much,

    Renee Quinn
    CMDL Treasurer
    FH Dive Team Rep

    3003 Wooded Knoll Court
    Ellicott City, MD 21042

  8. Central Maryland Dive League Says:

    The season is fast approaching and I need to remind everyone of the upcoming trainings. Please note that I have not heard back from St. Andrew’s regarding a second judge’s training. Therefore, as of now, there is only one judges training session planned for this summer.
    This year’s coaches training will be held on Sunday, June 5th at UMBC from 8am until 4pm. Please tell your coaches to report to the Retriever Activities Center no later than 8am that morning. Coaches are responsible for providing their own food, so have them plan accordingly. There is a Subway on campus and a couple of other places close by to purchase lunch. I would recommend that coaches bring a notebook and pencil in order to take notes. We will also need exhibition divers at some point during the day. As soon as John clarifies when they are needed, I will put a request out to the teams. This is a great opportunity for the divers to get a little early diving instruction.
    The summer meeting/judges clinic will be held on Sunday, June 12th at Padonia. The schedule is as follows:
    8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast/Check-In
    8:30-9:30 Pool Rep Meeting
    9:30-11:15 Judge’s Clinic
    11:15-12:00 Referee’s Clinic

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