35 Years and Still Diving

CMDL has been promoting the Central Maryland Diving community for 35 years. The organization has been providing summer instruction for divers, coaches, administrators, and judges throughout it’s existence.

The History of the Central Maryland Dive League

Diving in the Central Maryland Swim League officially started in 1976 when the League was formally incorporated with its circular seal – complete with name and date. The League’s purpose was to provide competitive diving for summer teams. It was the “offspring” of the Metropolitan League. This league consisted of 6 teams in its Northern Division and 6 teams in its Southern Division referring to the geographic distribution around the Baltimore Beltway. With the process of incorporation, the CMSL was poised to grow. Many have served the League throughout the years and their tireless commitment has helped to forged our current identity. From 1976 through 1990 the league was affiliated with the CMSL. However in 1991 the League voted to become individually incorporated as the Central Maryland Diving League. This was the official identification of the league until 2009 when the name was changed to the Central Maryland Dive League.

Today, the Central Maryland Dive League has 12 membership pools diving in two divisions. Each team has a six meet season that is followed by the CMDL Individual Championship meet event. The league is governed through volunteer support and is funded by team dues. Additional information or CMDL applications may be requested HERE.

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