Q: Is diving fun?

Q: Can a diver compete with a jump?
A: Yes. A diver may compete in a dual meet with a dive list that contains no more than 1 jump. However, the score of a diver with a dive list that contains a jump, will not be considered a qualifying score for Championships.

Q: Do 6 and under scores count toward dual meet totals?
A: No. If a 6 and under diver competes as 6 and under the score does not count toward the dual meet scores, but if a 6 and under diver can compete 3 dives from 2 different categories with no more than 1 jump, they have the option to dive as 8 and under and their score will count in the 8 and under group.

Q: Are there any indoor dive teams during the winter months?
A: YES, go to our Diving Links page and you will find 2 clubs there. There are more but an internet search will be required.

Q: Can a diver of one team compete in a CMDL dual meet other than what is scheduled for their team?
A: No. CMDL rules only allow for divers to compete in meets that are scheduled for their team. Special consideration may be requested from the CMDL Doard prior to the beginning of the season in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Q: How does the league determine the schedule each year?
A: The executive board will draft a preliminary schedule that will be circulated to the member pools. After each pool reviews and replies, a final draft is created.

Q: Are there any Meet Required Dives?
A: YES. During the regular season, the FIRST dive on all diver’s lists must be an X01.
(Refer to page 38 of CMDL handbook for table of dives and page 18, section D-DUAL MEET PROCEDURES: 3. Requirements for competition: RULE d. All official divers must perform the dive designated as the meet required dive (as listed on the League schedule as the “Meet required dive”) as their first dive. Other dives may follow in any sequence.)

Q: How do I report my scores to the statistician?
A: Use the league roster provided by the Statistician on the day of the meet or after to be sure that your roster is up to date.

  • Add the scores to the appropriate cell for the meet that you are recording.
  • Be sure to indicate exhibition divers with an EX and non-qualifying divers with a NQ.
  • Send final score, scan of meet sheets, and updated roster with scores to the statistician.

Q: What is the determining factor of completion during a twisting dive?
A: Five years ago it was determined and agreed upon by the board and reps of that time that the determination for twisting dives would be the location of the waist as it passed through the water. Regardless of this ruling, it is a judges call unless a referee declares an incorrect dive.

Q: What are the age requirements for Judging?
A: A specific age is not indicated in the handbook for age eligibility of judges. I believe each team should be judicious with its choices and if pressed into duty a CMDL Judge Certified minor could serve.

Q: If my diver still has a chance to qualify for Championships during the makeup week but only has one qualifying score by July 19th, can they participate in the Dunleavy Novice Meet?
A: Yes, they are eligible to participate. However, their score in the Dunleavy meet will not count toward Championship qualification.

3 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. zengirlie Says:

    Are any of your teams hiring coaches or any other positions? Thank you, Emily

  2. Shannon (@bbywhisper) Says:

    Are there any indoor dive teams during the winter months?

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