Spring Meeting 2016

Hello Dive Masters & Mavens,

That time of year has come again. The boards are coming out of storage and the grease is on the fulcrum.

All this can only mean one thing…time for the SPRING MEETING!

Mark your calendar for April 19th at 7:00pm at Saint Andrews Swim & Tennis Club.

The final Schedule for the 2016 season will be published soon, so check back here or watch your inbox for notification!

Happy Spring!


One Response to “Spring Meeting 2016”

  1. Brian Payne Says:

    Sorry I will not be able to attend, I have moved to Charlotte NC where I am now the head diving coach at Davidson College. In addition to 21 Division I varsity sports, Davidson features a brand-new trampoline and spotting harness setup next to three maxi flex B springboards and big screen Tivo video system. The Huntersville Aquatics Center with it’s complete tower diving system is just five minutes away. For gifted juniors and seniors that want to visit, I have a few spots available for the diving team and some great financial aid packages available. Thanks! Brian Payne Davidson College Diving brpayne@davidson.edu Waugh Chapel diving 1984-1999

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